We truly appreciate the little ones

From 2015, we have been supporting various projects in the children’s home Pauline von Mallinckrodt in Siegburg, about 20 kilometres from our headquarters in Much. We helped in conducting swimming and first-aid courses for children and adolescents of all ages. Further projects for 2018 are in the pipeline as we know: a child’s smile is the best appreciation of our commitment.

Local proximity and long-term partnership is particularly important to us. From our point of view, it is “a good way to focus on a topic and to promote it comprehensively. It is important to start small to improve the bigger picture.” (Arndt Fuhrmann)

Most people in Germany live in socially and economically secure conditions. Children who grow up in a disadvantaged environment generally have worse prospects for the future. We would like to start here and look forward to supporting different projects of the children’s home Pauline. In this way, the children can rest, recharge their batteries and develop themselves physically, mentally and socially.

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