Simple but efficient: Single-use trays

Sterile plastic trays are ideal for use in inpatient ward, operating theatre, as well as pharmacy and laboratory. Our sterile plastic bowls, basins and beakers are designed to increase convenience and efficiency and can be used straight from the bag. We offer a large selection of trays in various designs and sizes. For a variety of applications or specific procedures, we also offer custom tray packs.

No more reprocessing

The complexity of reprocessing medical products is often underestimated.

All stages take considerable time: cleaning, sterilisation, counting, labeling and documentation. Thus, the use of sterile single-use instruments and trays can help to reduce the workload of the CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) and saves time for optimising other processes.

Sterile plastic trays also offer an economic advantage: Go easy on your budget with low procurement costs, the elimination of repair costs and savings in reprocessing costs.